Finishing Step

Ready to Stain & Plant Wildflowers!

Shop done!

Shop from the Pedal Boat. Saibra is driving while I take picture.

Dad finishes the deck.

We have ourselves a ceiling in the apartment!! YEAH! James' arms are gonna be hurtin' tomorrow!

Heidi's the chopper today.

Here comes a beam! I get nervous when the guys start lugging around 400 pound beams! This baby is 9"x11" and will go as the center beam in the entry/kitchen/dining area. Solid Blue Pine!

This should be fun...

Great job. Monster beam.

Now to build the walls to support the beam.

Ready to lift??? NOT.

I guess they are.

One end down, another to go!

My camera paused and I missed the dramatic lift....oh well.

Securing the beam. Boy that's beautiful!!

The doorway in the left is the bedroom door. I am standing in the Entry. Way in the back right is the living room.

Bathroom door on the left.

One to the closets and such.

Cool shot of ghost James.

You an see the shower all the way in the back. I am standing in the bedroom. Along that right wall is the closets, w/d, then the bathroom on the end.


On to the kitchen and pantry. I can see my kitchen now!

Room in the back is my pantry. The low walls will contain our countertops and such.


James' truck arrives from Oregon today. Thanks to Donnie and Della for storing it and all of Donnie work on it too! We didn't think 6 months would turn out to be 5 years!

It like a 5-year time warp seeing this truck pull into our lives again.

James is a happy man today - a man and his truck...

James put 4 coats of poly stain on the celing and beams. Boy, it really brought out the contrast - looks very cool!

Punching in the new Kitchen Window! There's Wade Sadlier in the window, one of our contractors. He is also responsible for the awesome ceiling we have!

That brings in a LOT of light. Woo Hoo!

We should have a new sidewalk under our Clubhouse pretty soon.

The sidewalk will really finish off the Clubhouse look!


APRIL 20th:

Refacing the Laundry room to it matches the bath house. We moved the venting machines in fron of the laundry room too.

I added a comment box and key drop box to the front, a white board for activities, and a courtesy phone so they can just dial 1, and get a hold of us if they need wood, ice or to check in after hours. I also programmed in a speed dial for 911, the golf course, casino and such. T

The forms for the patio were build, and we're adding the gravel to level out concrete pad. We're havin' fun now, eh?

Rebar in, ready to pour!


Poof. All done! Looks great!

We added a foosball table to the patio too!

James finishing the trim on our new window with the Shop in the background. Nice shot I thought.

Dad, stuff in the muck.We tried to get it out half the day, but ended up calling in a big rig to pull it out.

He is tilling the are shown, by the highway around the creeks so that grass can grow and you can see the creeks that run through it. It'll look awesome from the highway!

We hope to do the grape vineyard too, at least a little bit.

Now for the drywall no one is looking forward too...

But ALL the electrical is done!!

Larry Devore working on the electrical

And James

Who knew an apt would have so much electrical runnning through. Geeeeez!!

The never ending ditch Dad is digging to get the electricity to the cabin...

Ready for the box!


As the last days of April close, we finish up the drywall in the APT. James has worked day and night (literally) get it done. May will be awesome because the paint go up, and we will move in!!

Half way done!

Saibra in Living Room

James in Living Room



A beautiful Spring Morning!

The geese

A night shot from the Clubhouse


Chess Anyone??? Okay, I don't have the checkerboard built yet, but the Giant Chess Set (2' high) came in the other day. Fun Fun!!