Lots of work on the Apt. and way behind on my photos online! I have a whole page on the bathroom because I built the countertop. I always wanted to try a concrete countertop...

Making a wood template of the countertop and laying in various glass, rock and shells we found on the Oregon coast.

Packing in the concrete

I'm trying not to move the items in the bottom.

Laying in some random metal I had around for rebar effect...

Let it set for a couple days.

Meanwhile, james gets the lights in.

It's all painted a nice seafoam green.

Laying out the vinyl

In goes the toilet. It is a wall drain toilet. We had to order the connection from Germany as it is a enviro European toilet. It has #1 and #2 flush buttons!

Setting in the old 1800s wash basin I found at an antique store. I had to remove the top, but i will use it elsewhere.

The countertop dried and I removed it from the mold and flipped it over.

Smoothed on a soupy mixture of portland cement to fill in the holes and bumps.

Lots of Sanding to smooth it out a bit and round off the edges of the shells and glass.


Drilling out the wood holes for the sink and faucet. Hopefully, I measured correctly when I built the template...

Lookin' like it'll fit!


3 coats of Poly Acrylic gave it a great seal and a beautiful finished wet-look. It really brought out the embedded stuff but left a great texture!

Everything fits! The base is an 1800's wash basin. I took off the lid, cut it in half and used it as the back splash.

I took the other half of the lid and make a shelf above the toilet. We love it!

Well, beside a curtain and trim, the bathroom is done!