Clubhouse Building Blog- Build-Out 2009

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January 20th, 2009

Downing some trees to make room for the big rigs and a parking lot.

You can see where an RV had taken out the roof on the old building. The existing pull up is way too small. We are going to gut this old bath house building, put a second floor on it for our apartment, and turn the bottom into the office and a clubhouse with a kitchen.

Not a small task...Especially in minus degree weather.

Gutting out the old bathhouse to build a new clubhouse with kitchen. Poor James knocked out 4 concrete walls with a sledge hammer himself!

Almost gutted. James should start feeling his hands again in another day or so.

Now the ceiling is coming down. There is lots of great 2x6 wood there. We can build the whole upstairs apartment with them.

All of us enjoying a huge bon fire. Lots of debri to burn.

The next morning. Just a few stumps left.

Off comes the metal roofing. More good wood!

We can reuse the metal roofing in the shop

Taking a needed beer break at JJs, the local pub.

Adding top caps to the building. We are trying to raise the height of the inside. Originally, it was only about 7.5 feet inside - made for short people of the old days I guess.

Heidi giving her best nail gun pose.

Lots of firewood from the downed trees. Will come in handy for those firewood sales!

A beautiful view from the upper eight. Cute little cows.

The 6x12 beams have arrived. Saibra is along for the ride.

Now we have to figure out how to get them on the roof.

At 350 pounds each, it's no easy task!

Pat and James have the method down! One more to go. You'll be able to see these beams inside of the clubhouse on the ceiling.

Pat trimming the beams to fit.

James glad they are up!

Lots of time spend getting the beams lined up evenly. You would think it would be easy...

You talkin' to me?


Time for a Super Bowl Break. James eats all the food and drinks all the beer. Saibra just observes and wishes.

Tearing down the old sign. We are going to move it and improve it!


Not so fun task of digging up every septic tank on the property to appease the health department. A last minute request to inspect and pump all the tanks left us scrambling around as fast as we could so that we could close the loan! The ground is frozen so we built a fire atop all the clean-outs trying to thaw the ground. It worked.

Clean-er out dude.

February 5th, 2009

Another break for our lovely 4th anniversary!

OOh look. A deer outside the window.

They love our deer food block. We have also seen a moose and a herd of Caribou! It was beautiful.

A distant view of a snowy morning. Lots of those it seems!

Here goes up the 2 inch tounge and groove blue pine. That blue pine is gorgeous! You'll be able to see that from inside down below thru the beams.

My daughter Jackie and her boyfriend have just joined us for 2 months to help with the buildout. Josh is a carpendar by trade and a mighty fine worker. Jackie's helping with the cooking and cleaning inside for the crew. We are thrilled to have them here.

Jackie and Josh take time to wipe out on the sleds. Saibra thinks it's a good time.

Look at those beautiful blue/grey stripes!

Ninja James.

Lookin' good!

Check that out! It's going to be beautiful inside!


Now we're on to building the second floor. Here we are building the stud walls for the second floor.

Thankfully, we have a run of nice days.

Here come the walls!

Yee Haw!

Finally a wall!

Here comes the other one!

Now its looking like a building!

Prepping for the Gable ends.

Superman Josh

Getting ready to lift the first Gable end!

Finally by dark, we got it up!