Clubhouse Building Blog- Build-Out 2009

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February 20th, 2009

Here comes the other wall



Wa La!

February 21st, 2009

Jackie Models the latest Stanley Hammer

The snow is melting and Spring is about a month away. I will be glad to see the grassy green scene as shown above once more!

No pressure here!

Nice foggy shot with our makeshift woodstove set up to warm the bottom floor.

Still looking pretty Beverly Hillbilly's inside!

Here's the first peice of batton board. Pretty wood!

How many Pollocks does it take to set a post?

Well they're up. Not straight yet, but up.

Holy Moly. That's tall.

Here comes the beam. Ready or not.

Almost lost the beam. A 350 pound beam is something NOT easy to move.

Well there it is. The big beam.

And on to the trusses, same day. Friday was a very busy and hectic day.

Here are the scissors trusses.

You can see how we'll have a cathedral ceiling inside our apt. Pretty high ceiling actually.

I don't remember seeing this technique in the construction handbook.

The conclusion to Friday.

Now if we can only get these trusses up before the rain comes on Monday.

Feb. 22nd

Here goes up the trusses

With the help of a professional contractor, we did almost all the trusses in a day.

There they are! Now we just have to put the last ones over the porch with the beams and posts are ready, and we'll have up the full roof. Unfortunantly, the rains are coming!

Feb. 24th

Work has slowed down for a few days due to a ladder accident. Dad's ladder slipped out from under him in the mud and he landed on his hip. James rushed him to the hospital. Horribly enough, he was diagnosed with a cracked pelvis. It was terribly painful. By nightfall though, dad was feeling no pain on Morphine and the ambulance took him to Spokane to a hospital. Three delays and 12 hours later, a surgeon installed three pins into his pelvis. Mom and I went with him and stayed at a friends house near Spokane. Except for some problems taking in food, he is doing great. The physical therapist has him on a walker and he is expected to fully recover in a few months. He will be greatest missed on the worksite, but he will probably continue to build the picnic tables and finish work in his workshop and act as our consultant.

Feb. 28th

James continued work on the clubhouse while we were gone. We are back in full gear again, wishing Dad would get home soon.

James got the decking on the second floor

I picked up and awesome used sink in Sandpoint. We are going to use it for the Camp Cleanup Station.

The guys keeping plastic up so the rains won't wreck the floor.

Underneath the new deck.

Another Shot.

We got the 2x6 outriggers on the clubhouse. This is serve as a 4 foot overhang for the stairs and landing going into the Apt.

Here comes more siding.

The last peice up on the side before pitch black. The workdays over now. Time to eat!

Dad is doing well. He is slotted for a Tuesday return, but we're hoping he can come home tomorrow. Physical Therapy doing good. He is eating food finally. His stomach had a time checking up with the surgery.

Mar. 12th

Dad's home and doing great. He is here today at the park, plugging away at figures.


Here is me, plugging half the window off with cinder block and concret.. A wall that separates the clubhouse and the office goes right thru the middle of this window. So, half is being rebuilt into a wall, and the other half will have a 24" window in the office. I am not builder, but it didn't come out half bad.

Josh has the arduous task of leveling the floor with concrete.

Josh mixed over 12 bags of concrete by himself in this wheel barrel!

Finally, the trusses get set over the Apt.

Looking Good!!

You have to take time to smell the roses! Our Spring Eagles are here! They chase each other around and talk alot!! - must be good breeding grounds here.