Clubhouse Building Blog- Build-Out 2009

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It was a sunny warmer day. Oh yeah! Finally getting the sheathing on the roof.

The guys only have 2 rows on each side left. A little tar paper....

And we'll have a brick red roof soon!!!!


James and Josh finishing up the day.

Heidi built the Office walls today! Yes, it is a little cozy registration office, similar to a small one you might find in a motel. The little door you see goes into the Clubhouse from behind the office counter. Tomorrow we are picking up the roof and something for the walls of the office. Sunday I am going to start the wall fir stripping.

March 10

A local man built us 12 picnic tables. We all came out to stain them, including me, mom, Jackie, and even my friend Angie. I guess the only time I can visit my friends these days if they show us with a brush or a rake! We really appreciated it.

These picnic tables are the first things that are actually finished and ready to use!

James and Josh had the horrible task of pressure washing the paint off the cinder block. Here is James pretending to smile.

March 11

Heidi holds the record for largest splinter, measuring in the skin a full 1 inch! OW!

By nightfall, we are testing one of our highway flags.

Spring is finally here! It is wonderful to have nice weather to work in. We get 3x the work done when it's warm. Heidi is measuring out and pouring the beam and pole supports for the entrance porch on the Clubhouse.

The snow is almost melted. Yeah!

March 20

The contractors finish the plumbing and are ready to pour the bath house.

Alex and Don show up from California, bringing their sunny weather with them. They came out to help build for a few days. Thanks!

March 21st

Yuck!!!! We got 4 inches of snow last night!

So much for Spring. Time to take a day off I think....

March 30th

Much snow, and the concrete truck shows up to pour the bathroom floors. Six guys were out here shoveling the snow off the foundation before the cement truck got here.

Meanwhile, much of the snow is melting. Alex is building the stairs. The beams for the staircase are beautiful. Don is helping both Alex and James.

Looking good!! We'll have the stairs up tomorrow.

Mom is painting Facia. Is it blue? Is it black? It's called Deep Space!

Josh installs the antique glass door on the front of the clubhouse, using all his skills to retrofit an old door in a modern frame. It'll look great when repainted! It brings a ton of light into the clubhouse.

Don coming in to take advantage of the Woodstove.

A much deserved coffee break before everyone before they finish up for the day.

April 1

We have stain on the upper side!! We love it.


We've been busy staining the batton board for the upper section.

Here are the guys putting the last window/door on the apartment. It looks great!

After Alex laid out all and Don and him attached all the brackets, James put on the steps and we hauled it up! Great design, thanks to Dad. We got the wrong kind of bolts for the steps, but oh well. We'll replace them with cartidge bolts sometime along the way.

More of the beautiful stain. You can see here where Don and Alex put up the ridge for the front porch. They laid out all the concrete piers for the posts. Unfortuantly, they had to cut their stay short and head home due to a family emergency. We wish them and Alex's Dad, John, all the best and thank them for helping out.

Now if we can figure out how to finish it...

Here is the back side of the staining job. I wish the rain would stop so we can paint the lower section!! It is uguuuly right now.

Here is the upper section of our apartment. The slider to our deck and the window to the bedroom both face the lake. It'll be so awesome when it's finished.

April 2

I'm finally putting up the entrance sign we made. Actually, it was parts of the hwy sign we took down. The tree and moose are made of steel and very well done. I just painting BLUE LAKE for one side and RV RESORT for the other. Mom is going to put flowers in front of the moose and around it a bit.

It's true....I am filthy!!!!

But the sign looks great!!