Clubhouse Building Blog- Build-Out 2009

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April 4

The weather has been great and we have got a lot of painting done. The clubhouse is currently light blue. The darker blue coat goes on next.

It looks a little funny still, but the colors will come together with the triim and roof and such.

Heidi painting.

Helga, Jett and Boston stayed 2 days and pitched in with the painting, cleaning and raking. We got a lot done and took the night to try out the group firepit.

A little ambiance by lake. It is slowly melting.

Jackie cooking up the burgs for lunch.

Josh has done a great job trimming the office.

The carpet and counter goes in next.

The clubhouse is still a shop.

We bought a grader for the tractor. It has been a life saver! It does a great job on the leaves and the roads. Dad has been going to town on the property.

All prepped to plant grass!

Ron, James stepdad has come to join us for a week. He is cutting out trim. Josh has begun putting up the signs for the park.

Yee Haw!

We installed the bridge/colvert signs.

Ron cutting out the scallops for the building trim

The scallops ready to install!

April 7th

One last night at JJs before the kids head home. Boo Hoo!!

A last hug as Jackie and Josh get ready to leave. I'm taking them to the airport later. They have been here for 2 months and we will miss them!! They didn't even get to see the lake melt.

James putting on a little BBQ by the lake for the parents while Heidi's headed to the airport.

Holy Cow! We have a roof!

We brought in some Pros to finish the roof. Ron is upstairs helping.

I can't tell you how happy James is to see the roof finished. Now all we need is the blue fascia, front porch, trim, and staing the stairs and such.

The rain is suppose to come soon.

We also have a guest showing up for a week in 2 days. She knows the place is under construction, but she's coming anyway.

April 10th

I prepped a nice new site for our first early guest. I painting the electrical box, put in a 4x4 sign in front reading "A5" and put in a firepit and picnic table. It has a fab view of the lake! It will be a popular site I'm sure. I'd like to finish up a hand full of these in case we have pop ins before we open. Isn't it nice????

Here is A5 with a nice firepit and picnic table.

Another view.

A bunch of Canadian Geese came flocking in this morning making tons of noise. It was awesome!

I made a cozy fireplace area by the lake. We found 2 of these on the property. It's kind of a fireplace type firepit.

James digging the line for Avista Gas lines. While Avista awaited, we both dug 32 feet of 30" ditch in about 15 minutes this morning. I will be sore tomorrow I'm sure. James kept digging most of the day with dad, as they were repairing broken water lines.

We worked from 6am to about 8pm today. We did end the day with a nice spaghetti dinner and some wine.

Here is our new $2500 pump tank that runs up to the bath house. More money goes out to Utility!

More new road

A good shot of Heidi humping up banisters for the stairs.

Ron cut and burned a bunch of wood and old picnic tables laying around.

He is headed back to the house to head home. A short 3 day visit. We wished he could stay longer. Thanks Ron!

April 14th

If you build it, they will come... Our first site being used for 4 days. She seems to be very happy with her spot. Everything is working.

Finally got the carpet in the office

It's ready for the counter now! The electric is almost done.

End of day, brush burning.

Love in front of the fireplace.

More love...

The walls of the bath house!!

This has been long awaited!

Some of the plants and trees arrive. Now we have to actually plant them...

Heidi put some sides on the trailer. This is for hauling and for guests garbage bags.

We downed limb, the birch sap has been running every since. Dad put a bucket up there to see if he can cook it down into syrup. I hear it's like maple syrup, but with different flavor. We shall see...

Makin' firewood

The Lake has officially and completely thawed! Break out the canoes!