Clubhouse Building Blog- Build-Out 2009

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April 16th

Heidi's finished the sign for the front of the building!


The roof goes over the sidewalk of the bath house.

No sooner did our guest leave when another came in it's place.

The clubhouse is coming along...

April 17th

Our little private nook for customers to enjoy the lake in the morning or evening. The place is finally becoming green and alive!

More bath house

I can't beleive it is built this far!!!

The sidewalk roof is one.

April 19th

Dad build a manfold for the water system so we can shut off different areas if needed without cutting the whole park off.

My friend Angie came to help again this Saturday. We hauled cinder block and piled up the old picnic tables to burn.

Heidi takes on the tractor to dump gravel in the new sites. Way fun!

Heidi masters the tractor as she hauls off picnic tables that are falling apart when you pick them up. Boy I'm glad we have new picnic tables!

James got more of the siding up on the gable. It's going to look great!

James posing as he put the siding on the bath house.

Dad digging a trench for the Wifi wire.

James finishes the bath house siding. We have four doorways now!

Heidi dug the rest of the holes and put in the site markers, and painted the rest of the pedistals.

Dad grating the sites

One of our fabulous Super Sites. Heidi puts in the firepits and picnic tables. Looking great!

What a beautiful site of Super Sites overlooking the lake! Nice!

Another view

Another view of the bath house. The plumber is coming out tomorrow to stub in all the plumbing.

A view of the bath house from the side.

Phew. What a Sunday. James went back out to chop firewood.

April 21st

A beautiful morning on the lakeside deck!

James cutting and moving our firewood.

Woodman Kokopelli?

Up goes the porch roof!

Phil is doing a lot of work for us.

A porch roof!

In two days, we should have a red roof on the porch.

Mom planting plants in our old boat. We have named the boat Elizabeth, after his grandmother, who, without her, we would not have this park. We were still trying to buy it when she passed, and never got to see it. James is going to put all her favorite flowers in it.

Mom planting the entry boxes

More planting in front of the moose.

It was 75 degrees today and wonderful!!

April 24th,

It snowed, then rained. And now overcast and cold...

James plants trout in the lake....Bayerns Dancing Trout Ale that is.


A nice shot of the office. It's coming out nice. Small, but nice.

The porch roof with the cute gable is finished. It just needs roofed...We received the wrong size roofing and returned it.

Bath house is roofed

Heidi Planting a Snowberry Crab Apple tree.

Heidi and James enjoying an Evening by the lake.