Clubhouse Building Blog- Build-Out 2009

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April 26th

Look! We have painted turtles in the lake! We had no idea. More than 2 dozen are here basting in the sun. What a great discovery today!

Dad and James Discuss the dock. It's dock day.

Dad has it ready to flip.

A shot from the lakeshore at the dock and clubhouse.

Getting ready to see if Dad's dock'll float!

It's floats! All we need now is the top.

I love this shot.

James cutting the roof. Home Depot sent us the wrong size. Now we cut it.

Dad has the top on. Now he has to cut off the extra edging.

A shot from the balcony of our future apartment.

Another shot from the balcony of the lakeside deck.

More James cutting roofing

We have half the porch roof on now. Yeah!

Lookin' better.

Dad installing the railing. Tomorrow, he is suppose to build another one. They hook together to make a 20 ft. dock.

The bath house. We are beginning to install the fixtures. These are the hand dryers.

The toilet and pedistal sink. Not ready to install, but I put them up to size up the mirror and outlets.

Staining the posts until it was too dark to see. You can see the dusk-to-dawn light that James installed on the eve. it works great. It really lights up the check-in area.

Good night...

April 27th

The leaves are starting to bud.

The Clubhouse is looking good too. Stained all the beams.

April 28th

Look what came today!!

Your's for only $6.99! Maybe $7.99. We haven't decided yet...

And we have a parking lot!

Someone needs a beer and dinner...

Mike Hittle cutting up the logs. He did the parking lot too.

The manifold system ready to bury

An 8ft hole James has to dig to repair a electrical line.

James taking on that hippy look. No haircuts for the hard-at-work!


James getting hoisted up to install the Omni Wifi

Teetering on the top of the roof, James hangs on. You can see I put the rest of the porch roof on too. I still haven't done the little gable end.

Coming down. A successful install.

Heidi and James put up some batten board.

Hey, it's starting to take shape. Liiiiiiiiiitle by little. My goal was to put up all the fascia. You see that did NOT happen. It was a long and frustrating day. Windy and cold.

Tomorrow, I plan on finishing the trim and spreading out all the gravel. We'll see how that goes...

The colvert for the water manifold. It's too short. I think we'll have to buy another 2 feet of it to get out of the dirt. I'll be glad when this ditch is filled in.

Lots of cleanup today. We had Mike Hittle haul off all the debri by the lake, remove stumps, and spread out the rest of the large gravel, and do some misc stuff for us. Dad's tractor is in the shop and with opening day so some, we ended up paying someone to do it. Dad's tractor should be back by the end of the week. Let's hope so.