Clubhouse Building Blog- Build-Out 2009

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April 30th

The day of the Christening of Blue Lake RV Resort- The placing of the sign and the wine breakage on the Gable.

It's MUCH heavier than it looks. Heidi built it like a Rock

There's a Pre-Wedding Photo!

Breaking the bottle on the Gable. We chose the entry Gable, but Heidi put it in a bag to not to spread glass all over the entry. It wouldn't break. About 5 tries and she went to the hammer

Here's the hammer.

Finally, a breakage! That was a thick bottle. It was my homemade strawberry/Rhubarb wine.

Heidi broke out a rare bottle of '07 Blackberry wine that she made at Pioneer Trails for the occasion.

A distance view. It's looking quite beautiful. A great mix of Northwest Timber and Alpine Lodge.

We kept working into 10pm clearing some brush from downing a couple trees. We went home and ate a huge meat and potatoes meal that Aunt Nancy and Erik would be proud of. Heidi's posting the pictures and we are off to bed.

Tomorrow is our Grand opening with the Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce.


The Ribbon Cutting with the Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce. You can't tell, but we are cutting the ribbon.

Another one with mom and dad in there too..

Mom made Blue Lake Cookies! Little lakes..

Heidi giving a tour of the Resort and Office. They seemed to really like the Park - and the cookies & coffee.

We have a rig coming in tonight for 2 days.

We are taking the afternoon off to grill and tangle our feet in the water. It is really nice outside and we are tired...

Setting up our communication station at the office door.

The clubhouse


On the dock

We let the dock free and it floating around the lake by itself. Fun.

A view from the other side of the lake as the dock floated around


Mountain Goats on the way!

A bear on the side of the road!

Cute, Cute Cute

We had a great time. Couldn't take pictures in the hot springs. Was too wet.

MAY 7th

We got our highway sign! It looks great and is about a quarter mile on either side of the entrance... Come on in and visit!

MAY 8th - James Birthday!

Guess what he got? A great quad for all his travels and tools. Here he is wizzing around trying it out.