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Well summer is almost here, and the building will have to slow to a crawl so not to disturb the customers. We have a lot of reservations, particularly in July and August so far. The bath house is moving slower than we have hoped, so we rented a porta potta for a month just to have a bathroom.

We officially open tomorrow. In the morning we are getting our other vending machines, and we are roping off the construction areas to keep people from poking around in them.

The dock is coming along. We still have to attach the walkway to the posts and dock.

A lovely pic of the lake

Some of the picnic tables and firepits by the lake.


The grass in front has still not grown... But we did get our soda machine and ice machine.

We also got 2 kayaks the other day for rentals. We already had the canoe.

I think we're ready for the weekend. It is "Lost in the 50s" weekend in Sandpoint.

Next weekend is Memorial Day. We are racing to get some of Partial hookups looking half-way decent for that.

It is suppose to get up to 80 something this weekend. Yeah!! I have been dying for the day I can jump off our new dock!

Maybe this weekend...

May 21

We got our first Memorial Weekend people in and settled for 5 days. They seem friendly and happy with the site. They are already talking about their next free holiday to come here. We have another overnighter from Canada.

Calgary, Canada is turning up to be a good customer for us. As the 3rd largest city in Canada (population 1,042,892), it seems we are just in the first day's drive for them, taking them about 6-8 hours to get here. A perfect stopping point. I need to figure out how to reach more of these guys.

. This doesn't do us any favors. A semi-truck wiped out our highway sign going North. The highway thinks they can fix it. I hope so.

I found headlights and other random peices. I called the Sheriff, but nothing had been reported. A hit and run on our peice of Hwy Art. Sad...

Heidi and James have their own little picnic and firepit area outside of the clubhouse. This will make us more accessible for those who want fire wood and ice in the evenings, and gives us a firepit and view to boot.

All the flags are up and the vending machines are full. The place is coming along. I think we are going to need to plant roll-a-lawn in the front, since our grass seed is not coming up.

The currently laundry.

The bath house is still not finished, but Phil almost has the drywall up. In the meantime, we rented a porta-potty and James got the old laundry bathroom working. I cleaned out the laundry room and bathroom and put a new toilet seat on the toilet. I then posted signs. For now, at least we have a public restroom for our guests. I will be off to the store today to find a mirror and curtains. I was thinking of painting the outside today...

Our nice clean laundry room. If we could fix these machines, our laundry room is practically ready to go now.

Our small but tidy public restroom. If you're more than 2-feet wide, you'll have to use the porta potty outside! But at least they can still wash their hands in here.

May 22

Well, we have over 80 reservations so far, the the rigs are starting to come in. We have been working day and night to prep the place. It is looking great.

May 24

Great weekend. Everyone Happy

The tenters in the background, and a family on the deck watching their kids kayak.

Swimming season!!

James gave one of the teenager some work to get a rental kayak. Really nice kids.

We got one of the sunshades up.

Boston Paz was THE FIRST person to jump in the lake this year.

Having a great time

Helga and Heidi at the firepit

Helga planting the Choke Cherry trees, bless her heart. James and I are just too tired to dig anymore.

May 26th

We're getting at least 2 reservations per day now, and right now a couple of rigs per night. We have two people here staying for a week.

We put up a Sunshade.

James is fixing the Blue Lake Hwy sign until the new one comes.

Heidi made transfers of our logo with names on them for Pat, Xyla, Heidi and James. They look great. We'll wear'em on Friday and Saturday check in days when we want to look nice.

Heidi's getting ready to put in the horseshoes, and has a plan to put up a giant lawn dice game by the lake - should be fun.

May 29th

Our Friday went great. We have 5 rigs in for the night and took reservations. We are consistantly taking at least 2 reservations per day.

These are the partials with some of our Friday night campers. 4 of the 5 just wanted water and electric. Thankfully, I had just graveled a few sites.

James had to dig up the water spout for the rig in the back. That's the site these guys wanted, and of course the water wasn't working. 3 hours later, James put in a new frost free and they are happy campers.

I also bought Giant pick-up sticks for the lakeside. I made a tube to put them in and a sign that says please put them back when finished. Just waiting on the shipment now. I also dug out the pit for the horseshoes.

The bath house is coming along. Two coats of paint and the primer on the concrete floor. James started putting in the window and got the exhaust fan ran. I forgot to take a picture. They are going to look great!

June 7th

The buildout slows due to lots of mowing, watering, and helping guests.

However, we did start putting up the boutique tent.

Even the neighbor stopped by to see what was going on.

My nephew, Alex, came to visit for a month. We put him work for part of his daily schedule. Oh boy summer vacation!

Alex enjoying some bike riding.

Busy, busy, busy! Business is good. The buildout is still slow. We have still been working on the bath house, the civil war tent, and the sites.
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