Clubhouse Building Blog- Build-Out 2009

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Bringing home the trout! We bought 100 trout and James and Alex (my nephew visiting) are opening the barrels to find some floating fish. He rolled them into the lake as swiftly as possible.

After releasing the trout, we had a bunch floating upside down. We spent an hour holding fish upright while they gained their orientation. We still lost about 30.

But here comes a fish fry.

The trout are nice. We stocked the lake with 9-11 inch trout. We see them leaping in the lake now!

Not my idea of a good time cleaning out 30 fish, but it would such a waste to toss the lost fish.

It REALLY wasn't Alex's idea of a good time. Never having done such a thing, he got a crash course on fish cleaning. He was a trooper though.

Alex stayed a month with us and had a goal to beat the kayak speed record. Here he is in victory as he beats it, just a couple days before leaving us.



Filling up!

The bath house is SO close to being finished. We have running cold water to the sink, toilet, and shower, but no hot water yet. James is the man. He has practically singlehandedly built this thing with the help of the plumbing and electrical contractor.

The pole tent is almost done. We just have to build the entry deck and bolt the logs to each other.

It has an amazing view of the lake with turtles basting in the sun near shore.

June 28th

All the Pull-thurs are filled up for 4th of July weekend. And 18 tent campers to boot. We'll have a full house. I hope we have the bath house!!! The outlook for the next 10 days is pure sunshine. I think summer is here!

I did make my famous homemade pizza for the very tired, Love of my Life. The wine didn't hurt either.

The tent is done! Dad had the idea to put big rock slabs as the first step into the tent. It looks great, and we rented it out last weekend. Their only complaint was the bed was to soft. We are getting a new mattress set anyway, so that should take care of that..