History of Blue Lake

  • 2009 – 2019
    • Purchased by James and Heidi Boraski who completely rebuilt the park and turned it into the resort you recognize and love today. Notable improvements include making the park big rig friendly, installation of a nice bathhouse, turning the old bathhouse into a bar, office and owner’s apartment. Click here for a photo documentary of their rebuild.
  • 2019 – Present
    • Purchased by Liz Waitinas and run by her son, Nick Larsen, who hopes to build upon what James and Heidi started. Fortunately for us, James and heidi did all the heavy lifting to transform this property into a resort, but we’ll continue with small improvements to help make your stay memorable.
    • Ongoing and future projects include minor changes to the wine bar and office, completion of a sauna by the lake, the addition of two more RV sites and another camping cabin. Click here for photos of ongoing projects.