In the Heart of Unit 1 Big Game Hunting, Panhandle


BIG GAME. Blue Lake RV resort is located in the heart of Unit 1 Big Game Hunting Region in the Panhandle of Idaho. See Idaho Fish and Game Website for Controlled Hunt license, regulations, and seasons.

Kelsey Albaugh, 13, took this moose Sept. 26, around 7:00am, on her first day hunt here! Kelsey is from Shelton, Washington, and this is her first moose.

Sharp shooting, Kelsey!

They took it to Ron's meat processing in town.











Unit 1 Game Management Unit Boundary Description: All of Boundary County and that portion of Bonner County north of the Pend Oreille River, Pend Oreille Lake and Clark Fork River. Myrtle Creek and David Thompson game preserves – closed.


License, Permits and Fees. Click here.

General Deer Season: Antlered Deer: Nov. 1-Dec. 1... Antlered (White Tail only) Oct 10-31st... Antlerless White Tailed Deer Only: Nov. 1-Nov. 9


Elk: Elk season is roughly Sept 6th thru Dec. 16th, depending on whether you hunt by archery, rifle or muzzleloader. Generally, any weapon season is Oct 10-Oct 29, depending on which tag you possess. Click on "Elk" at the beginning of this paragraph to see specific hunting seasons.


Mountain Lion: Unit 1, Sept. 15-Feb 16: ...Unit 1, Dog Prohibited Sept. 15-Dec. 13th. Dog training season open Feb. 17-Mar 31.



Bear: Unit 1, See fish and game page for details on seasons and rules. Bait in prohibited in Unit 1 and grizzlies may be encountered.




Antlered Moose: Blue Lake is on the border of Unit 1-1 and Unit 1-4. The season is roughly Sept. 15th -Dec 1, but depends on your hunt number and which controlled hunt area you drew.


Be sure to check with Idaho Fish and Game for licensing rules and regulations. Click on the link below, which will take you to the Idaho Fish and Game Website. Idaho Fish and Game

BIRD HUNTING like Turkey, Grouse, and Waterfowl are extremely popular in this area as well. Go to Idaho Fish and Game homepage to find information on your hunting needs.


Staying at Blue Lake RV Resort and Campground

Blue Lake will stay open through the hunting season. We offer RV space, tenting, and currently have a Civil War Tent with wood stove, bed, wood floors, table, electricity and Wifi. The Civil War Tent is a unique experience for any hunter, young or old. We hope to have another one up before November. We also have heated bathrooms, laundry and an indoor clubhouse with a full kitchen. Firepits and picnic tables are in all sites. We sell firewood, ice and have snack & vending machines at the office.

We have an excellent game processor in town: South Hill Meat and Lockers. 208-267-3434. If you have a companion that still needs to fill their tag and you want to stay, you can hang your kill at South Hill. If you like, have it processed there too. Please call them in advance to find out about costs, space and availability. They also make the best smokies in the state!

Rules Pertaining to Hunters and Game at Blue Lake

1. For the safety of all visitors, no firearms are allowed outside of your vehicle or RV in the park.

2. No Hunting or shooting whatsoever in the resort..

3. We do not yet have facilities for hanging or skinning game in the resort. All game has to stay in the back of your truck. South Hill Lockers is in town 7 miles away. You can hang or have it processed there. 208-267-3434. Be sure to swing by the office though, we want to take a picture of you and your prize!

4. We understand that your reservation may be for 1 day or 1 month, depending how long it takes you to fill your tag. Hunters may pay day to day. This allows you to head home when you do fill your tag.



Check out our video on YouTube!
It has some great shots of the Resort & the area surrounding Blue Lake.

2014 release of Our Blog documenting the entire daunting remodeling and building of Blue LakeRV Resort when we bought it, in the winter of 2009.

Sandpoint, Idaho

Sandpoint, Idaho

Sandpoint, Idaho