Off Season Monthly Guest Info

If you are interested in staying with us on a monthly basis, please fill out the following questionnaire.
If we have availability, we will email you and you will be required to sign and submit both rules below as well as a copy of your insurance


I understand the rules and rental conditions upon which I am renting accommodations, equipment and using the rest of the associated property … lodging and camping and use of the swimming/bathing facilities. The sole responsibility for my safety lies with me. In agreeing to this, I acknowledge that outdoor and water activities and exposure to the natural elements and animals can be dangerous and sometime result in injury and even death. Water facilities contain inherent risks, animals and insects can threaten and infect or injure, exposure to the elements can cause hypothermia, sunburn, among other risks inherent in participating in camping, outdoor and water activities. Alcohol and/or drugs do not mix safely with any outdoor activity.

I certify that I am over the age of 18 (and assume responsibility for those in my charge under the age of 18, and all of my guests regardless of age). I hereby assume all legal responsibility for bodily injury to myself or any other person and property as a result of my visit to Blue Lake RV & Cabin and use, operation or possession of equipment hired or loaned to me. Acknowledging this, I accept complete responsibility for myself and the minor children in my charge and visit Blue Lake RV & Cabin Campground and associated properties and engage in activities or events at Blue Lake RV & Cabin at my own risk.

I will abide by the rules and accept the rental conditions

  1. The property I rent will be returned in the same condition in which it was rented and I will be responsible, and my credit card charged, for all damage or loss that occurs during my rental period. –
  2. I agree to hold harmless and to indemnify Blue Lake RV & Cabin and its directors and officers, against all loss, theft, damage, expense and penalty on account of personal injury or property damage to the undersigned or to any minor child or guests of the undersigned, howsoever rising, whether by act or acts or failure to act of the employees or animals or trees or other guests of the said company or not.
  • I acknowledge receipt of the property in good order and condition and further agree that Blue Lake RV & Cabin and its board of directors, officers and staff shall not be liable for consequential damages of any kind or nature from whatever cause arising, whether property or equipment is loaned or rented.
  1. I enter into agreement freely with Blue Lake RV & Cabin at my own risk, acknowledging the risks inherent in outdoor and river activities and assume any and all responsibility for myself and the minor children in my charge.
  • All parties agree to and will comply with Federal, State and County pollution laws and any other applicable laws and regulations.
  • We reserve the right to move your reservation to a similar or better site. If you really want a particular site, please leave a comment when booking or call.
  • Campground speed limit is 10 MPH
  • All guests must register at office ($5/day) upon arrival or before 10 am the following morning
  • Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 9 AM and any non-overnight guests must leave by 10 PM
  • Do not park or ride bicycles anywhere there is grass. Do not cut through other sites
  • Restroom facilities are here for the convenience of paying guests, Please respect them & leave them as you found them
  • No dishwashing in restrooms
  • There is a strict limit of 2 vehicles in your site at any time. Any visitors you have that exceed this number must park in designated parking areas and walk to your site
  • Prices include 2 adults, 2 children, 2 vehicles and 2 dogs. All extras will be charged an additional fee
  • 50% deposit due upon making a reservation, with a 2 week cancellation policy
  • No early check outs. You will not be refunded for leaving early.
  • Campfires are to remain in firepits and do not leave campfires unattended or when going to bed
  • Campfires MUST be extinguished before checking out or leaving your site.
  • Washing of vehicles is not permitted
  • Aggressive or loud dogs will not be tolerated
  • All dogs must be on a 6-foot leash when not in the off-leash area
  • All dog poo MUST be picked up and disposed of IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT leave full doggie bags on the ground. Do not leave dog poo on the ground to pick up later.
  • Do not leave dogs unattended at any time for any reason
  • Dogs who become an annoyance to other campers will be asked to leave
  • DO NOT hang anything from, nail anything to or cut our trees
  • DO NOT COLLECT FIREWOOD. Firewood is available for purchase at the office
  • NO SMOKING in any of the buildings or any structure owned by the park
  • Please watch out for the safety of the children in the campgrounds
  • All firearms should be stored securely in your camper/cabin/vehicle unless it is in a secure holster and being carried in compliance with all federal and state laws
  • There are no refunds for early departures
  • Do not drive off-road vehicles around the park except to leave & return as would any on-highway vehicle. Remain on designated roads inside the resort.
  • Please respect the boundaries of the campground and do not trespass on our neighbors’ properties
  • Swim and use the lake at your own risk. There are no lifeguards on duty
  • Life jackets required for all boat rentals, trampoline, children and non swimmers on the docks.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult near the lake or on the dock.
  • No beach swimming access, all swimming access is from the dock only. The lake is 100ft deep and drops off immediately at the shoreline.
  • Fishing is Catch and release only, for paying guests only.
  • Winter campers must skirt RVs by Nov. 1. Skirts must be removed by May 1. We suggest topping off freshwater as needed. If you leave your water line hooked up you do so at your own risk. You will be charged for fixing or replacing broken water pipes and fixtures. We suggest heat tape and liberal amounts of insulation.

Name __________________________________________

Signature __________________________________________________   Date: ______________


  • Monthly Rates: September – May $550. June – August $1300.
  • RV must be insured and a copy of insurance submitted with this form.
  • We take the first month as a deposit, plus any extra days/weeks if checking in before the 1st. 
  • We charge your card automatically on the 1st of the month, every month thereafter.
  • Monthly rates do not apply for June, July and August. However, you may choose to stay through the summer if you are willing to pay the higher rates. A separate reservation and deposit is required.
  • If you decide to stay through the summer, we take a 50% deposit for the summer months to reserve your space. 
  • There are no early checkouts in the summer. 
  • In the off-season, we will prorate only a half-month if checking out before the end of the month. (example, if you check out on the 15th or earlier, we will only charge you $275. If you check out any time after the 15th you pay for the full month of $550) There is no prorate for summer months (no early check outs)
  • There are NO REFUNDS on deposits for monthly stays due to high demand and limited site availability.
  • Full month payments are tax free, however, any partial months, weeks or days when you first check in or when you leave, are charged taxes. So $275+6%, etc.
  • RVs must be in good repair and aesthetically pleasing, this is a tourist RV Resort, not a trailer park.
  • No outside storage or modifications to your RV or the property without prior written approval from park management.
  • You are allowed 2 vehicles at your site. 
  • All visitors must check in at the office and there is a $5 day pass fee.
  • RVs must be skirted with 1.5” rigid foam board or thicker, and sealed with tape starting November 1st.
  • Skirts must be removed by May 1st.
  • Water should only be used to top off your tank. If you want to leave water hooked up, you do so at your own risk. You will be charged for any repairs needed for frozen or broken pipes. You will need to use heat tape on the water hydrant and your hose, and cover in insulation and a garbage bag taped closed at the bottom with an inverted garbage can on top.
  • You should have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, snow tires recomended. Our gravel roads always have 2-4” of ice/snow even after we plow.
  • You are responsible for plowing your own drive and area; we only plow the roads that go past your site, not your individual site and parking area.
  • You are responsible for mowing and maintaining your site during your stay.
  • All other park rules apply, especially:
    • Dogs on leash AT ALL TIMES
    • Clean up after your Dogs IMMEDIATELY
    • Dog waste cannot be left in your site for any length of time. You will be charged a cleaning fee when you leave if there is a strong odor of animal feces in your site from soaking into the gravel.
    • Quiet hours are from 10pm to 9am
    • Park Rules can be found on our website and on the receipt that you sign on check in.


I have read, understand and agree to all of the above. I understand that a violation of the rules may cause me to be kicked out of the park without notice and that my card will be charged for any repairs or excessive cleaning needed when I check out, or for any repairs for damage I cause during my stay.

Name: ___________________________________ 

Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ___________